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Pumpkin seed harvest

towable pumpkin seed harvester

Tökroppantó - TR-2003 vontatott tökmagbetakarító gép
The machine is used for harvesting the pumpkin seeds grown in large-scale operations for commercial and consumption purposes.

The crusher must be towed from a drawbar mounted on the lower arms of the three-point linkage of the operating tractor. During intermittent or slow travel, the pumpkins are pushed into the hopper by mechanical force using a pump pick-up adapter connected to the machine. The pumpkin crushing drum crushes the caps, this crushed material is placed in a “rod” separating drum where it is in constant motion due to the continuous rotation of the drum. In the gap between the rods of the pumpkin drum, the pumpkin seeds reach the bottom of the drum housing and the other materials reach the ground at the end of the pumpkin drum. Some of the intestinal material and soft parts that have passed through the pumpkin seeds leave in the lower perforated part of the pumpkin chopping drum housing. From here, the pumpkin seeds are transferred to a cleaning drum, where the suction effect of a fan removes the remaining intestinal materials and soft parts. The cleaned pumpkin seeds then enter the seed hopper seed hopper, which needs to be emptied from time to time.

The design of the method of emptying the pumpkin seed hopper can be constructed in two ways: conventional emptying via sander or auger emptying.

TR-2003 with its basic elements is equal to former TÖKROPP-1800; but based on the operational experience of previous years, we have introduced several modifications that serve the quality and efficiency of the work.

Characteristic values:

  • modified separation drum, even better seed separation, higher productivity
  • new, longer high-capacity exhaust fan with longer exhaust drum, even higher dry matter yield
  • traction angle indicator (machine power depends largely on the horizontal)
  • mountable bottom sieve

Technical specifications:

TR-2003 harvesting machine
4600 mm
2100 mm
1900 mm
1550 kg
Input speed:
540 rpm
Power engine requirement:
40-50 hp
Separation drum /
Attachment roller:
D 1000 x 1800
10-15 8 PR unbraked

Hydraulical pumpkin pick-up adapter

The pumpkin mounting adapter is a trailer unit that can be connected to a console on the right-hand side of the machine during operation. The adapter consists of a mandrel roller, a pull-off comb for the pumpkins that have been pierced and a conveyor belt or a slide that guides the pumpkins into the funnel. The pumpkins are pushed together with two deflector plates across the width of the machine and picked up.

Characteristic values:

  • the adapter can be controlled hydraulically from the tractor cab
  • the working height must be fixed with the built-in fastening valve
  • the fixed thorns on the roller can hold the attached blood
  • the pumpkins are fed into the machine by the slide or conveyor belt
  • as of 2003, the slide will be modified, which will also reduce manual work


Technical specifications:

Designation: TF-1500
Pick-up adapter
(Operating status)
Length:2800 mm4600 mm
Width:1800 mm3250 mm
Height:1800 mm2300 mm
Weight:600 kg2250 kg
Input spin: 540 1/min
Power machine requirement:40-50 PS40-50 PS
Separation drum /
Slip-on roller:
D 1540 x 760 
Landing gear:520-13 


Pumpkin seed harvester

high performance pumpkin seed harvester

TRM-2018 nagyteljesítményű, vontatott tökmagbetakarító gép (tökroppantó)
When developing the pumpkin seed harvester TRM-2018, the aim was to meet the requirements of large-scale and large-territorial manufacturers with more powerful and functional equipment that aims to reduce seed loss.

The machine is equipped with electro-hydraulic control, the advantage of which is that there is only one cable connection between the machine and the tractor and no wires. This provides a more comfortable treatment.


The pick-up drum pierces the jackets, which are then placed on a wear-resistant conveyor belt consisting of several layers of rubber and fabric. This is driven by a hydro-motor. Unlike the previous construction, the pick-up drum is not a separate unit, but is mounted on the machine. It can be turned from the transport position or hydraulically lowered to the working position.

The steps of the breaker meet two knives that break the jackets into the tiniest pieces. The breakers have been adjusted (angle adjustment) to allow the best possible insertion of the jackets. In addition, replaceable wiper blades are provided, which can be turned over and used again after wear.

A high-performance extraction device ensures that the seeds still surrounded by the intestinal material are cleaned. These then enter the seed hopper via the auger. The speed of the extraction drum can be adjusted hydraulically, and an optional brush ensures that the extraction drum is constantly cleaned.

There is a auger in the seed hopper that conveys the seeds to the discharge auger. The unloading auger can be lifted hydraulically and allows a fast and carefree unloading on the trailer or truck next to the machine.

Technical specifications:

Capacity6-8 hectar per day
Power requirementapprox. 100 HP / 75 kW
Lighting12 V
Tires500/50 – 17 14 PLY, tire pressure 3 bar
Brakebraked axle, mechanical brake with cable pull
(permissible maximum speed: 10 km / h) or compressed air brake (permissible maximum speed: 25 km / h)
Drivewith cardan shaft, speed 540 rpm.
On-board hydraulicsGear pump (35 lt./min.), Oil tank capacity 70 lt. (Hydraulic oil HLP 46 DIN 51524).
- either with electromagnetic valves (requires a 12V power connection and a double control device on the tractor) or with mechanical valves (requires a double control device on the tractor) - for the emptying auger
- without on-board hydraulics: mechanical valves with cable pull (requires two double control units on the tractor and a free return to the tank)
Sieve drummade of half-round bars, L = 2500mm, Ø 1200mm
Mounting device: Ø 1500mm, W = 1040mm, conveyor belt LxW = 1430mm x 450mm
Seed tankcontent approx. 1200 kg wet kernels
Emptying augerapprox. 4 minutes per tank emptying, emptying height with swiveled out auger: 2700 mm
SuctionSuction fan: 4500 rpm, suction drum (infinitely variable) with sheet metal hole, 8mm, L = 1200mm, Ø 480mm
Level control: approx. 4° machine inclination, manual or automatic (electronic)
4800 x 2580 x 3480 mm (without drawbar) or 5900 x 2580 x 3480 mm (with drawbar)
Weight4800 kg


Pumpkin seed harvest

Additional machines

In order to maintain the good quality of the pumpkin seeds harvested in the production area, they must be partially processed as soon as possible after the harvest.
The most important operations are washing and drying.

TM–2003 Pumpkin seed washer unit

TM 2003 tökmagmosó gép
The machine is used for washing pumpkin seeds grown for commercial and consumption purposes.
The washing takes place in two phases. The first phase is the washing of the seeds with a stream of water, when the equipment washes away the internal soft parts that have accumulated from the seed while selecting the other residues from the pumpkin seeds. One advantage is that the drying costs are reduced by around 30% and the degree of purification, marketability and aesthetics of the pumpkin seeds increase. The second phase is the drying in the perforated container. The operation of the machine requires main water and electrical connection, as well as drainage of the used water. Two perforated collecting vessels are supplied for processing and desiccation of the pumpkin seeds.


TSZ–16 Pumpkin seed drying table

TSZ 16 tökmagszárító asztal The machine is used for drying pumpkin seeds with or without a shell, which are built for commercial and consumption purposes. With the seed mixing trolley built on the drying table, it is possible to ensure continuous mixing of the seed, even drying, and preservation of its damage and germination ability. By drying, the water content can be reduced to 7%. After drying, the cores can be easily removed by opening the sliding bolt at the end of the table.

We deliver the drying table without boiler and fan.


TP–2003 Pumpkin seed polishing machine

The field of application of the equipment is the polishing of pumpkin seeds produced for food.
By cleaning the pumpkin seeds after drying, the machine increases the quality category and aesthetics of the seeds. The new TP 2003 tökmagpolírozó gép TP 2003 pumpkin seed polishing machine has a brush system that removes the thin silky film on the pumpkin seed. This results in a significant quality improvement. Work performance max. 3000 kg / h. The intensity of polishing can be adjusted by varying the rate of pumpkin permeation. The rotation speed of the brushes can be infinitely adjusted to the optimum value with a frequency converter.
It is advisable to use this equipment after the washing and drying phases. In case the seeds have been dried without washing, the efficiency will be very low.


Important data of pumpkin seed auxiliary machines:

Designation TM-2003
Pumpkin seed washer unit
Pumpkin seed drying table (just the table)
Pumpkin seed polishing machine
Length:3180 mm8000 mm2900 mm
Width:1350 mm2100 mm1360 mm
Height:1670 mm1400 mm2465 mm
Weight:245 kg1560 kg385 kg
Engine rotation:20 1/min20 1/min20-1001/min
Engine performance:0,37 kW0,37 kW5,5 kW
Performance:operates two harvesting machines2500-3000
kg / 10-12 hours
3000 kg/hours


Subsoil loosening

medium depth loosener with double wing
with dumpling breaker finisher

VAKOND IS 4.3 ikerszárnyas középmélylazító - rögtörő hengeres utóelmunkálóval
Intensive loosening, cheap dumpling fraction.

Due to the special planar and spatial placement of the twin wings, the soil under the plowed layer not only cracks along the fracture lines, thus exerting its loosening effect, but also crushes it, thus ensuring a decrease in soil bulk density, an increase in pore volume and an improvement in subsoil porosity.
FVMMI GH KHT. When comparing Gödöllő with an IH loosener, it measured a 40-45% increase in shredding efficiency in favor of the twin-wing loosener on the same soil at the same time.

Technical details:

  • Construction depth: max. 55 cm.
  • Weight: 1120 kg.
  • Performance: 1.3-2.1 hectare / h.
  • Dimensions: 3200x2200x1480.
  • Speed: min. 4 max. 7 km / h.
  • Tractive power requirement: on well-worked, binding, strongly binding soil 45-50 HP per structure.


  • It drastically and permanently improves the soil's vertical water conductivity and water retention ability on compacted soils for 3 years.
  • It also creates a favorable water-air ratio under the plowed layer, to a depth of 50 cm, as a result of which the root mass increases.
  • There is a very positive change in the mass of soil-dwelling aerobic bacteria, as a result of which a significant amount of bound nutrients are revealed from the uncultivated subsoil and are bound from the air, which lasts until the cultivation effect.


In the year following cultivation, without the use of additional nutrients, 2-2.5 t more dry matter was formed in maize, sweet corn, sugar beet and potato fields compared to conventional cultivation. In other words, producers harvested 2.6-2.8 t more from maize, 4-6 t from sweet corn, 8-10 t from sugar beet and 7-8 t from potatoes in 2003, even without irrigation. despite droughty weather. An average yield of 0.8-1 t was formed from sunflower on a 3-year average.


It can be used effectively on all soil types except quicksand.


Do not plow after the operation, as the soil of the already crushed soil dries out during repeated movement!


  • The area of Hajdúnánás is 1,300 hectare of typical meadow soil, sandy loam.
  • Kisújszállás 100 hectare of saline soil (natural salt).
  • Taktakköz 300 hectare for pouring meadow, meadow soil.
  • Bereg region 600 hectare of casting meadow, meadow soil.
  • Mád and its region are 100 hectare of brown forest soil.
  • Bödönhát, Újszentmargita and region.

Rotary Cutter

DMM 46 pasture mowers and toppers

Rotary Cutter - SZV-5000 szárzúzó és fűkasza
The DMM 46 high-performance mower has been developed for brush clearing, pasture maintenance, stubble and bush shredding.
During 2006, DMM appeared on the domestic and foreign markets with a new, self-developed machine: the 5,000 mm-cutting-width pasture-mower, named DMM 46, is equipped with a vertical shaft. The machine has been tested in both domestic and foreign markets. The tests so far have yielded extremely favorable opinions and results. There is no similar high-efficiency machine in the current domestic market.

Area of use:

  • For stubbles and for chopping stem residue, for evenly spreading (corn, sunflower, fodder, cereals).
  • For maintenance of bushy areas.
  • For the maintenance of nature reserves.
  • Maintenance of roadside areas, ditches, slopes.

Important technical data:

  • Hourly output: 4-5 hectare.
  • Cutting height: 38-380 mm (depending on soil conditions), which can be adjusted hydraulically during travel.
  • Cutting width: 5 m.
  • Power requirement: 75 KW.
  • The mower is designed for tractors running at 1,000 rpm (540 rpm if required).

Main characteristics:

  • The knives are made with forging technology, they have an extremely long service life and can reach up to 500 operating hours (2,000 ha), depending on the application. The blades and the equipment against breakage and damage are protected by a torque limiter built into the drive.
  • The vegetation to be cut can be controlled by combining the deflection elements and changing the direction of rotation of the knives.
  • Transport storage is simple and space-saving due to the hydraulically foldable wings. The designed construction allows road trafficing.
  • Work safety equipment complies with CE regulations.
  • As an option, the machine is equipped with an operating hours counter and a drive cardan shaft.
  • With simple maintenance, it will work reliably for years to come.

Rapeseed harvester adapter


Repcebetakarító adapter - REPTOL
In the spirit of continuous renewal and progress, in December 2007 DMM Kft. Appeared on the domestic market with a newly developed harvesting adapter, the rapeseed harvesting adapter.
As a result of further design developments in 2009 and 2010, the REPTOL rape harvester adapter was created, which can be connected to New Holland, Claas, John Deere, Laverda and Massey Ferguson combines.

The ripened, dry rape - at the time of harvest - is usually in a ruffled, intertwined and sloping state.

The main source of the harvest loss on the cutting table of the combine harvester is considered to be the threshing through the cooperation of the reel and the collecting auger, the gaping of the pods and the falling of the kernels on the stubble.

By inserting the rape harvest adapters, it is possible to increase the harvest amount, as the harvest loss is significantly reduced.

The adapter is a simple and cost-saving means of increasing the harvest amount. By using the adapter, an increase in the harvest amount of 200 kg / ha can be achieved.

By using the REPTOL rapeseed harvesting adapter, it is possible to increase the yield, as the harvest loss during harvesting is significantly reduced.

The REPTOL rape harvester adapter can be equipped with or without a single-sided or double-sided hydraulic side cutters. The use of vertical side cutters further reduces harvest losses.
The use of right and left side cutters is particularly advantageous when opening the board, because in the sloping and tangled stock the cutters cut through the stems.

Advantages of the rapeseed adapter:

  • Efficient harvesting speed thanks to precise cutting.
  • Strengthened frame structure.
  • Quick and easy fitting, its installation does not require any major modifications.
  • Available in a variety of designs and functions (1-sided, 2-sided hydraulic side cutting, with cutting widths from 4.5 m to 9 m).
  • It stretches the combine's own cutting table by about 700 mm, thus reducing harvest losses.
  • The horizontal cutting table and side wall frames can be bolted together, making it easier to connect more precisely to the combine.
  • Large, smooth outer and inner cover plates to match the cutting table of the combine for clog-free harvesting.
  • Adjustable cutting height at the side cutters.
  • The right-hand side drive can be switched on and off from the adapter.
  • The side sections are narrow.
  • The side section blades are protected by their own protective cover during transport and storage.
  • The side cutters are equipped with a long blade for better cutting performance.
  • All cover plates can be unscrewed for maintenance.
  • The rape cutter adapter is belt-connected to the combine's cutting table, ensuring constant, vibration-free operation.
  • The drive, which is also mounted on the adapter, is driven by a hydraulic pump, also mounted on the adapter, which drives the hydraulic motors of the side cutters.
  • The hydraulic pump is equipped with a pressure limiter, thus ensuring overload protection of the side cutters.
  • Work safety equipment complies with CE regulations.

Technical data of the REPTOL rape harvesting adapter:
  • Cutting width: 4.5-9.0 m.
  • Oil bath speed: 575 rpm.
  • Hydraulic side selector crankshaft speed: 550 rpm.
  • Operating pressure of the hydraulic system: 130 bar.

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