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Debreceni Mechanikai Művek


Sheet metal processing

The introduction and industrial application of laser technology was an important step in modernizing our processes. With the help of the laser it is possible to quickly and precisely create different profiles from different raw materials. Among our services, metal and sheet metal working activities play an important role according to the technological level of the age.

Our sheet metal processing options:

  • Laser cutting with fiber technology
  • Flame and plasma cutting
  • Sheet metal cutting
  • Fragmentation
  • Edge bending over a length of 4,000 mm
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Machining
  • Production of weldments / robot welding
  • Press technology / leveling
  • Vibration and thermal tension reduction
  • Intermediate and final inspection of workpieces with a 3D measuring device (measuring range: X: 900 mm, Y: 2,000 mm, Z: 800 mm)

Laser cutting:

  • Cutting of structural steels up to 25 mm
  • Cutting stainless steels: up to 25 mm
  • Aluminum cutting: up to 25 mm

Flame and plasma cutting (2,000 x 3,800 x 120 mm):

  • Plasma: up to 35 mm plate thickness, cutting gas: nitrogen + oxygen
  • Flame cutter: up to 120 mm sheet thickness, cutting gas PB

Machine grinding (Costa MD6 CCR 1350):

  • In 1,300 mm wide and up to 150 mm thick panels

Cutting, edge bending, rolling

Cutting, edge bending:

  • Sawing: diameter up to 350 mm, up to 30°
  • Hydraulic plate cutter: 1 to 8 mm, maximum 3,000 mm in length
  • Eccentric pressing: from 40 to 160 t
  • Hydraulic pressing: 100 t or 250 t
  • Edge bending: up to 400 t maximum in 4,000 mm length


  • Up to 3,000 mm in length with 4 cylinders (plate thickness up to 6 mm; upper cylinder ø210 mm)


Design and manufacturing of welded constructions plays an important role at our company.

Our welding technologies:

MIG/MAG, AWI, AFI. This service is supported by several consumable electrode (MIG/MAG) welding machines, mostly EWM, AWI up to 200 A, by semi-automatic welding positioners (manipulators) up to 3 tons.

In 2020 the first robotic welding cell (Yasakawa Motoman) was installed with two workstations: one up to 3,000 mm on a 1.5-tonne-rotator and the other up to 1 tonne on a two-axis-rotator, for aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel.


The machining activity of Debreceni Mechanikai Művek Kft. is extremely broad, ranging from universal turning, milling, grinding, gearing over complex 5-axes (DMU) or alternating pallet CNC horizons (DOOSAN), to CNC portal machining (KAFO) in the size range of 4,000 mm. A special segment of our mechanical engineering sector consists of the manufacture of individual complete gears based on our own machining technology.

What we offer in the individual, small and medium series:

  • Gear wheels with straight and angled teeth, in elementary and compensated design, from 1 to module 8.5 with one separation process.
  • Ribbed axles with separation process, from 2 to 4 modules, up to ø78 mm, length up to 1,500 mm - sprockets up to 8 "- 5/4"
  • Cavity
  • Machining of axle parts with a maximum length of 4,000 mm
  • Complete gear production or assembly
  • Machine components are designed and manufactured if required (Solid Works / AutoDesk / AutoCad)
  • Machining of the cast gear housing
  • Machining of aluminum parts
  • Machining of forgings
  • Processing of welded constructions (x: 1,500 mm, y: 4,000 mm, z: 1,100 mm)

Outstanding machine park:

  • CNC lathes: up to ø4 - 400 mm, with a maximum length of 1,250 mm, with powered tool processing
  • Horizontal processing with changing pallets type: x: 630 mm, y: 630 mm, z: 1,050 mm
  • CNC milling: x: 4,000 mm, y: 1,500 mm, z: 1,100 mm
  • Machining centers (3-axis / 4-axis / 5-axis: x: 750 mm, y: 650 mm, z: 600 mm)
  • Grinding: max. Ø250 mm / 630 mm length
  • Normalization / relaxation of gearwheels
  • We have a 3D measuring machine (Hexagon 3D Global Classic) and a lever measuring machine (Hexagon Romer Absolute Arm) for checking the workpieces
    Accuracy: MPEE = [2.2 + L / 300] μm, measuring range: x: 900 mm, y: 2,000 mm, z: 800 mm, certification according to MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015

Surface treatment

  • Shot radiation, sandblasting
  • Galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing
  • We have our own painting process (painting wall with conveyor track) respectively an electrostatic process technology; for powder coating we work together with a permanent cooperation partner

Other technologies

  • Vibration and thermal tension reduction

Debreceni Mechanikai Művek Kft.



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